ِAndalusia’s infrastructure is currently built to support the production of 38 billion gloves per year. We operate from two main sites – 5 plants at Bestari Jaya, spanning an area of 37 acres; and 7 plants to be commissioned at Sepang, called Andalusia Next Generation Complex (NGC), encompassing an area of 112 acres. Our dedicated production lines aggregating to 122 lines in total, are designed in-house, applying custom built and cutting edge technologies to serve the global market with speed, efficiency and quality.



At Andalusia, we’ve been making history since the day we started. From our humble beginnings in 1988 to becoming the world’s largest Nitrile glove manufacturer, Andalusia has always been in the forefront of the glove-making industry over years.



In 2014, Andalusia embarked on a massive RM2.5 billion Next Generation Integrated Glove Manufacturing Complex (NGC) in Sepang, which will substantially boost our annual capacity from 14 billion to 43.7 billion pieces progressively. To date, 70 lines have started running since its first commission in the end of 2014.