Innovations Overview


Innovation forms the foundation to Andalusia's global success. Our history of invention, and development of new products, have prompted significant industry advancements, on a global scale. Today we continuously work to create future industry milestones, and spearhead the market with our constantly evolving technology.

Innovations Culture

Innovations Culturess

Andalusia's ground-breaking achievements are a result of our seamless production systems, and uncompromising efficiency. We cultivate a culture of correct practice, resourcefulness and drive to be the best; attributes which have supported the company throughout its growth to become the world's largest supplier of Nitrile gloves.

Innovations Manufacturing

Innovation manufacturing

Andalusia's status as the world's largest manufacturer of clinical Nitrile gloves, can be attributed to our innovative manufacturing technologies and advanced technologies. Our place at the forefront of the industry is credited to our progressive systems which enhance the speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of our production. Our eagerness to continuously improve, maintains our place as innovative leaders in our field.

Product Development

Product Development

Since 1993, Andalusia has led the way with innovative product development by inventing original products, with global impact. Our dedication to developing new and innovative gloves reflects our commitment to future progress. As Andalusia moves from strength-to-strength, new technologies will be continuously embraced and introduced.